About the Institute of International Relations

The Institute of International Relations ( IIR, 國際關係研究中心) is Taiwan’s largest research institution dedicated to the understanding of international issues.

IIR began its life on April 1, 1953 as a government think-tank providing analysis to high-level government departments. The Institute became linked with National Chengchi University (NCCU, 國立政治大學) in 1967, and collaborated with the University in 1968 to open the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies (東亞研究所). In 1970 IIR moved to its present location near the main campus of NCCU. That same year the Institute hosted its first Sino-American Conference on Mainland China (中美中國大陸問題研討會),an annual international event which brings together scholars from the United States, Taiwan, and elsewhere to discuss issues central to relations between China and the United States. IIR became officially affiliated with NCCU in July 1975, and is now fully under NCCU’s organizational umbrella.

The director of the Institute oversees research staff who are divided into four main divisions. The First Division (第一研究所) conducts research on the international political and economic relations of America, Europe, and Africa. The second Division (第二研究所) covers similar topics in Asia, Oceania, and the Pacific Rim. The Third and Fourth Divisions (第三、四研究所) focus on mainland China affairs: the former researches such areas as ideology, politics, law, foreign relations, and military affairs in the PRC, while the latter analyzes China’s social, economic, cultural, and minority affairs.

IIR has an impressive array of resources. The IIR library boasts over 118,000 books, 623 periodical titles, and 64newspapaers in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and various Western languages. One oft-used database in the library, an impressive collection of newspaper clippings (in both English and Chinese), is filed by topic with selections dating back all the way to 1949. The Institute is also an active publisher, having produced over 150 books, monographs, and other volumes. IIR produces a wide range of journals. Issues & Studies, now a quarterly, publishes articles on China, Taiwan, and East Asian affairs. Similarly titled journals by IIR are Wenti yu Yanjiu (Chinese), Montai to Kenkyu (Japanese), and Estudious y Publicaciones (Spanish). Note that all these periodicals are separate in terms of content and editorial staff. IIR also publishes the Chinese-language Mainland China Studies. Researchers are invited to visit the IIR website <http://iir.nccu.edu.tw/> for information regarding the Insitute.