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Chang, Ya-chun
Chair & Associate Research Fellow


Division of China Politics
  • Ph.D., Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University
  • M.A., Department of Political Science, Ohio State University, U.S.A.
  • M.A., Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University
  • B.A., Department of Public Administration, National Chung Hsing University
  • Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations
  • Associate Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations
  • The PRC's Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations
  • PRC Central-local Government Relations
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  II Books and Chapters
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  III Conference Papers
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  IV Research Grants an Projects
  1. *“Sino-Japanese and Sino-Indian Security Dilemma and Taiwan's Security Space: Practices of New Security Pattern and Taiwan's Security Options,” granted from the National Science Council, 2007 & 2008.
  2. *“PRC's Participation in PKO: Global Security Paradigm's Nature and Dilemma,” granted from National Science Council, 2004.
  3. *“PRC's Search for Pattern of Cooperation in Global Security Dimension: A Case Study of Participating Arms Control Regimes in the 1990s,” granted from the National Science Council, Taiwan, 2003.
  4. *“Cooperative Aspect of PRC’s New Perspective on Security: Perception, Policy and Norm Construction,” granted from National Science Council, Taiwan, 2001.