IIR Asian Perspectives (TUP Lecture Series XV)


演講人:Prof. Benjamin J. Cohen

演講主題:Power in a Changing World Economy




聯絡人:陳亦佳 E-mail:topiir@nccu.edu.tw

IIR Asian Perspectives (TUP Lecture Series XV)

Speaker: Prof. Benjamin J. Cohen

Topic: Power in a Changing World Economy

Date: March 14th, 2013 (Thurs.)
Time: 14:00~16:00

Location: Room 270103, North Wing, General Building of Colleges

The lecture is part of the NCCU Top University Program events and is hosted by Institute of International Relations, NCCU.
If there is any question, please direct it to topiir@nccu.edu.tw.


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  2. 2013.3.14 Prof. Benjamin Cohen-t .pdf
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